Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Feeling The Cold

Bert thinks I'm feckless with money. This used to annoy me but now I just laugh at it. I told him today that if I am made redundant I'll use some of the money to pay off my credit cards. He said,

Aye. And then you should burn the both of them!

I can't do that. One of them is yours!

Well burn your own then.

I won't. I'll just be sensible with it.

You wouldn't know how to be sensible with it.

Course I would.

Bert sneaks about the house turning down the cental heating and turning off what he thinks are unnecessary radiators. I sneak around after him turning it back up again. Meanwhile Pearlie has her heating turned up as high as it will go and has a couple of electric heaters blasting away as well. When it gets so hot that her wee dog starts to pant she throws open the door of her moby to let a bit of air in. He laughs this off whilst telling me to put on more clothes. Picture me. I'm already happed up to Michelin Man proportions. I can hardly move my arms I've got so many woollies on. I'm actually wearing leg-warmers.

The room that Bert and Hannah sit reeking and smoking and watching telly/playing clarinet in is really warm but I can't sit there all night. How could I blog?

There is a downside to living in a bigger house. Roll on summer.


Adam said...

Woo! Leg-warmers!! :D

Nelly said...

Fraid so. There are icicles hanging off my monitor in here.

Ronni said...

I have the opposite problem. Mine tries to freeze me in summer.

Nelly said...

There is little need for aircon in deepest County Antrim.