Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Conversations With Pearlie

Nelly: I suppose you've heard I lost my job?

Pearlie: I did. What are ye goin' to do aboot it?

Nelly: I'll have to look for another one.

Pearlie: Ye'll need to. Ye cannae expect Bert tae keep ye sittin' aboot like a lady!

Nelly: Aye you're right there. It would take one of us to be working.


Pearlie (disapprovingly) : Who put that oul collar on the cat?

Nelly: Bert did.

Pearlie: Och well. I suppose it's a good idea. Has it a bell on it?

Nelly: Aye it has.

Pearlie: That'll keep him off the wee birds then.


Nelly: Do you want some dinner?

Pearlie: What is it?

Nelly: A nice bit of chicken.

Pearlie: No. I'll not be atin' chicken until this oul bird flu is by.

Nelly: You can't get bird flu from eating chicken.

Pearlie: Well I'll no be atin' it!

Nelly: Did you go off beef that time the foot and mouth scare was on?

Pearlie: I did.

Nelly: Aye. I was reading in the paper yesterday that it's the same eedjits won't eat chicken now as wouldn't eat beef then.


Pearlie: I'm that sick wae sittin' in that oul cart traipsin all roon the backend o' Slemish before I get hame.

Nelly: Why don't you ask Bert to pick you up from your club on Tuesdays.

Pearlie: Och I couldnae do that. Sure he has enough to do the craytur!

Nelly: Aye. Supppose you're right. He needs as much clarinet practice as he can get.


EveMaryBD said...

Is Pearlie related to Bert - need I ask?

By the way I haven't the heart to break it to my hubbie that the ladies in the window of a certain cully house are not the same as the ladies in the windows in Amsterdam!! He will be gutted....

(Don't worry I don't know were you live - I don't do stalking....its too time consuming.)

Nelly said...

Bert is Pearlie's only child upon whom she dotes.

A house of ill-repute in Cully? Specialising, no doubt, in the in-bred. Not that we'd know anything of such shenanigans being innocent crayturs.