Thursday, March 02, 2006


“Curtains shmurtans. I've been in this house for 14 months now, and the
living room, bathroom and kitchen are yet to be considered for curtains. Or
lampshades for that matter...”

So sayeth His Edness when I commented on Flickr that my entire house lacks curtains. But I do have lampshades. Upstairs the lampshades were an original feature of the house pre renovation and they’re rather pretty hand-painted glass ones. Downstairs doesn’t need lampshades for it’s all ceiling lights and stuff. I don’t know whether I like them or not but McSquirter said they were the last word.

Hannah has written about McSquirter and his quest to get us the perfect picture on RTE. He would not be bate on this and for about three weeks he was here constantly trying this booster and that booster. From late October to the middle of November you’d be pootling around maybe just out of bed and rubbing the sleep out of your eyes and McSquirter would rush past carrying yet another TV-optimal viewing device under his arm. We didn’t actually give him the run of the place but he took it anyway.

Which is why I do have a rudimentary curtain on the upstairs bathroom. For some reason (I forget) it was decided that one of the bathroom windows should be clear glass. There was talk of lying in the bath admiring the view. Never mind that the view is of a half-demolished turf shed but it seemed a good idea at the time.

Until one morning I’m sitting on the toilet, looking out the window and see McSquirter peering up at me. Well actually I think (I hope) he was focussed on the angle of the arial but it gave me a very bad shock. Before midday the window had heavy lace tack-gunned against its frame.

I’m actually a bit surprised that Ed, a city dweller, hasn’t put curtains up in 14 months. Either he leads a blameless life, he’s totally shameless or he’s very unconventional. Even Clint tried a bit of window dressing. Only the other night he said,

“I’m clean pounded.”

“What were ye at?”

“Wrestling way a set o’ curtains. But they bate me. I was all tangled up in them. I may wait till Sis comes to visit. She knows the workin’ o’ curtains.”

And our RTE picture? Thanks to McSquirter’s determination it’s fine now. Which is as well or we wouldn’t be able to watch Lost and would be waiting forever for Channel 4 to screen it.


ed said...

Nah, the house came with really crappy blinds on the front windows, so I just left them there. And then put some curtains in the bedrooms, cos there's a load of streetlights outside, and they damage my calm.

And sure the bathroom has the frosted glass. Who needs curtains?

Nelly said...

I quite agree about bathrooms. As long as there is frosted glass.

But I'm a little disappointed at your explanation. I was imagining you living your blameless (shameless?) homelife as a form of live theatre with all the little spides & spidettes watching it all from outside. It would haved explained how certain of them 'know where you live'.