Friday, March 31, 2006

Ebay Madness

Pair of 1950s cotton barkcloth curtains.
Pale pinky-lilac background with coloured plant-pots.
Unlined. Single header tape. Good clean condition. No holes or stains.
Some gentle fading - more pronounced on the edges.
Each curtain measures Width 33” , Drop 63”.

Sold on Ebay this afternoon for £76 including postage. Somebody must have wanted these curtains really badly.

I gave up on the patchwork quilt with added wolves and moose at under £20. A girl can have too many patchwork quilts. There is a certain somebody not a beagle’s gowl from here should tell me when she wants a vintage quilt so that I’d not be pushing the price up on her.

So now I’m away down to Portglenone now to see if any grannies have been clearing out their kitsch curtains so that I can make my fortune on them. I’d take Pearlie’s swan pictures down as a donation if only she wasn’t prowling about the yard and might see me at it.

“Where are ye going way those pictures?”

“Ah. Only to the charity shop.”

“Ye are not! I love them pictures and Margaret bought me that one way the gold frame. She knew I liked swan pictures but didnae know I already had thon one kept in the good room that nobody iver used so nobody iver seen it to know that I had it.”

“So do you want them back then?”

“Sure where would I pit those in this wee huckster of a place? Can ye not hing them? Ye have plenty of room in there.”

“Um. I don’t really like them.”

“Huh! There’s not a thing wrong way them pictures. Them’s lovely pictures.”

“I suppose I could keep them for another few years then by that time they’ll be all the rage on Ebay and I’ll get a couple of hundred for them.”

“Ebay? What oul nonsense are ye talking now?”


EveMaryBD said...

Did someone mention vintage quilts! Those pictures remind me of the old schoolhouse we rented on the B'money side of Dunloy when we were first married...It had been decorated from thrift shops with plenty of "interesting" pieces - most of which were grand. However, the landlord had a swan fetish - they were everywhere - every size & colour: flowerpot swans, ashtray swans, swans pictures, swan curtains, swan crochet mats! I could go on but I won't it sends shivers up my spine. We gathered them up and "stored" them in the what was previously the childrens toilets outside - we could "store" the pictures for you with the rest of the swan prock (I know its probably pruck but remember I am spelling it as a Dublin person pronounces it)'re lucky I have just been interrupted by the "waynes" [Dublin accent again...] otherwise my comment would overtake your post!

Nelly said...

You're more than welcome to take over my post! Seriously tho' you must tell me what kind of quilts you go after so that I'm not tramping on your toes. The prices some things go for in Ebay is silly. I like slightly off the wall quilts, ones that are a bit nutty looking. Where the person that put it together may have been slightly insane.

EveMaryBD said...

Then we have a problem......but if you see "beachain" bidding then beware.

By the way is it prock or pruck or proch for that matter?? I have a customer in C'backey [a certain pork product supplier toward the Galgorm direction] and when I was last there I commented on the amount of "oul prock" across the road - seemed to cause great amusement when coming from a 'southerner'!!

Nelly said...

Bert would say pruck. It is so obviously an Irish word like 'sheugh' or as it is said phonetically 'shuck' but as the nuns weren't able to bate the Irish into me I would hardly know.

Ronni said...

Heh. I'm selling a quilt on Ebay right now. I've got about a dozen more to go. I'm selling them one at a time, because I don't want to compete with myself for buyers. Unfortunately, they're all pretty sane. Search on Ebay for username priorstuff.

Nelly said...

Checked out that quilt Ronni. It's a beauty. D'ye have anything a bit crazy looking coming up?

Ronni said...

Most of them are more of less like that. Husband won't let me sell the two "crazies--made by his great aunt and great great grandmother in the last 25 years of the 19th century. Can't say I blame him. They are lovely, featherstitched velvet.

Some of the ones I have coming up have more colours in them.

Nelly said...

I'll keep an eye. Even if not to buy, perhas to inspire. I'm thinking of dragging the Singer out of the shed and getting back to sewing.