Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I Need To Get Out More

Maybe it's escapism after the worries I had last week but I've become Ebay-addicted again. I seem to have spent the last 72 hours (when I wasn't working) on a frenzied hunt for curtains and devon ware pottery. What is it about Ebay that makes me think that I really must have a pair of huge curtains with a galloping wild horses print? Why have I suddenly decided that my life is worthless unless I have a collection of souvenir jugs from the south-west of England? If I were a rich woman I'd already be booked in for therapeutic help.

If I win these horse curtains they will probably be the craziest object I've ever bought on Ebay. The current crazy object prize belongs to the huge quilt with appliqued biblical characters.

I really must get out more. Matty needs to lift her pension. I'll take her out and we'll visit some charity shops. Charity shops are full of curtains and pottery....


Ronni said...

Do you need a quilt? I'm selling a couple of vintage ones on ebay. My ebay name is priorstuff.

Nelly said...

Ronni - I so don't need a quilt. My house is coming down with them! But I shall look at yours later. Right now I'm at work.