Friday, March 31, 2006

Life Drawing

Swisser was round here tonight for her tea. We had mashed Irish potato and sweet potato, mange tout, carrots & pork chops with a yummy herby, tomato sauce. For dessert we had rhubarb tart & cream. I made it all myself and 'twas the first proper meal I've cooked in ages. Swisser is great to cook for as she loves her grub (the lucky, skinny tinker) and is always appreciative.

She was on her way back from her life drawing class. Being in a good mood I did not repeat to her what Grayson Perry (love that man) said about life drawing in yesterday's Times. Instead I gave her two of my recent picture finds from Charity shops. Old prints of Dunluce Castle and the Salmon Leap if you must know. She was totally delighted. And offered to do a life drawing of me or Bert. Of course I declined. (After what Grayson Perry said about capturing cellulite? I think not) But I was generous enough to offer Bert as a model. Life-drawing types prefer fat as all that billlowing flesh is so 'challenging' but I believe Bert's bones and angularity would be much more of a challenge. Of course we'd have to get the central heating blowing full blast as the cratur is so coul-rife. (Translation please EvaMary) Then when Swisser was fully engrossed I'd slip over to Pearlie's and invite her over for a cup of tay and to see what we're at. That should raise the eyebrows.


EveMaryBD said...

Okay I'm not usually one for a challenge and I don't want to call Rally Dan this early in the mornin [my official translator] - so I'll have a bash myself "coul-rife" ridden with the cold - constantly cold - cold blooded - "foundered" with the cold - "starvin'" with the cold.
If I say I am "starvin" its means very hungry [you know I'd eat a farmers arse through a hedge backwards, or eat the lamb of god through a tennis racket - that type of hungry] my Mam-In-Law turns up the heat! When she says she is annoyed to hear someone is very sick, I'm thinking to myself why is she cross with them??]. I thought of another word "scunnered" or as some say "scundered" - thats a good one usually applied to how I feel in work.........

Nelly said...

God you're good!

You mentioned one of my Leinster favourites there altho' I first heard it as '..I'm that hungry I could ate the hind leg of the Lamb of God!'

And here's one I heard yesterday in Portglenone, 'flaffin' aroon like a fart in a trance'