Saturday, March 04, 2006

Slim While You Sleep

fat cat
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I was reading today that researchers are looking into the effect that sleeping has on metabolism and obesity levels and it seems there is some evidence to suggest that the sleep deprived tend to be fatter than those who get a good night's sleep.

And as modern life styles do not encourage healthy sleep patterns this could be one of the reasons why there is an obesity epidemic.

I read this and I looked at Bert, 6 foot tall and as lean as a whippet, a man who normally sleeps from midnight to at least 10am and would also take a wee nap during the day.

Then there is myself - 5'2" long and near as wide. I'm rarely sleeping before midnight and then I'm up with the lark. I get even less sleep when I'm in Spide City. So maybe there is something in it.

But if there is a connection between sleep and fatness it definitely does not apply to cats. Harry de Cat sleeps his life away and he's turning into a big fat fecker. As you can see.

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