Monday, March 27, 2006

Working Hard

Hannah informed me this evening that I'm "too old" for my job. She reckons that I'm of an age where I need my sleep and shouldn't be getting too stressed. She suggests that it would probably be for the best if I went to work in Nixt! and she took over my role in Tinkerton. She's probably right.

Take last night when I did a sleepover. I got off to sleep fairly easily but received a very shocking and rude awakening when the cheap and nasty bed collapsed underneath me. Then when I was putting the bed back together I received a phone call from the main office requesting my assistance in a highly confidential matter involving the PSNI and a mad person. It wasn't easy to get back to sleep after that as I lay fretting, seething and gnashing my few teeth.

But thankfully I was off this morning. Matthew is coming tomorrow to put a floor down in the den so I had a big day's work clearing that room which had become a junk depository. Bert cleared off as soon as he got up and hardly helped at all. I was raging at him. Then I got a phone call from my line manager. She wanted to know if I'd like to do an extra double shift this afternoon and tomorrow. I politely refused on the grounds of (de)pressing domestic duties.

But here I am with everything done (except dismantling the PC) and sitting blogging and drinking Thai whisky. I've even forgiven Bert as he is taking advantage of the clearer evening to dismantle another small portion of the turf shed. Ain't life grand?


ed said...

Thai whiskey? This would be the bribe that you required to part with the Scruff dude, yes?

(Is Thai whiskey any good? It sounds like a combination that could end up causing a very damaging night out...)

Nelly said...

Trish informs me that all the Thai boys drink it. Thai ladies, apparently, do not drink. It tastes like cheap rotgut whisky with brandy undertones. Yum!

We miss Scruff. Paddy's gone all dull. Scruff was his hero. Harry de Cat is the only one that seems pleased he's gone.

Anonymous said...

i remember buying a bottle of thai rum for about £1.20-it burnt like hell!

mikey x