Tuesday, August 01, 2006

What I Did On My Recent Four Days Off Work

Tuesday evening: Watched BB nominations and had a shower.

Tuesday early evening: Done up like a kipper during home visit from our financial advisor Mr GFK. Dogs return from scunging.

Tuesday midday: Zoë and I visited Matty and Leitrim Sister and saw highlights of the video from her birthday in Kerry. Best bit for me was Matty mistaking video camera for a still camera and grabbing hold of the nearest grandchild to pose rigidly for photograph.

Tuesday morning: Visitors all use Nellybert shower (not at once) after hearing that it was tourist attraction comparable to Carrick-a-rede Rope Bridge only cheaper. Dogs escape and go scunging.

Monday evening: Musical evening and supper at Nellybert’s. 9 out of 10 people agree that Tor is best guitarist ever to play Nellybert smoking room. Sorry other guitarists who may read this but he is.

Monday afternoon: Cooking marathon.

Monday midday: Shopping marathon.

Sunday evening: Delightful evening with the Stray Toasters at Galgorm Manor Hotel followed by dreadful breach of etiquette by self. (Top secret – need to know basis only)

Sunday afternoon: Hanging about reading the papers sort of thing.

Sunday morning: Bed mostly.

Saturday evening: Swisser visits, eats all the chocolate and tells tall tales as usual. Harry murders rabbit.

Saturday afternoon: Delightful afternoon spent in company of Marc, Ed, The Broom, Hannah & Jamie. Also met Jaffs for unfortunately far too brief a time. I sat beside Ed but treated him with utmost respect the whole time. Beowulf was unable to make it and was sadly missed especially by the ladies of the company. Self included. Of course.

Saturday morning: Drinking lots of tea, eating nothing, recovering from….

Very early Saturday morning: Delayed allergic reaction to Tinkerton. Very poorly indeed.


The Swearing Lady said...

Every time there's days off in my house, we spend them arguing about mowing the lawn. :(

Nelly said...

Might I suggest - concrete?

ed said...

a) Concrete is clearly the way forward for the sensible gardener. If you insist on growing things, put a couple of plants in pots on said concrete.

b) What was this dreadful breach of etiquette? The people need to know!

Sandra said...

I agree with Ed section (b). What terrible thing did you do? Your public are curious.

Nelly said...

Sorry cannot say but it did not involve farting, burping or playing footsie.