Thursday, April 05, 2007

Cruelty to Animals (And Oul Dolls)

I read today that the revised Animal Wefare Bill due out tomorrow will make it an offence for owners to allow pets to become obese. This worries me.

During Pearlie's recent month-long stay in hospital Rosie regained her lithe physique. This was double good as she was recovering from her own injury and lightening up a bit was sure to help her shoulder repair itself. Then Pearlie gets home and Rosie is starting to get a bit tubby again. The reason?

All Pearlie's meals are prepared at Nellybert's. And when these meals are being transported to Pearlie's abode Rosie always accompanies. Pearlie likes to have a bit of canine company when she eats. You should have seen the size of her last dog. The amount of buns and other unsuitable rubbish that dog used to eat - it was a miracle it lived to see 14.

And it starts again with Rosie. There is no point talking to Bert about it because he is the most distracted, careless flibbertygibbet of a man that I have ever known. He just lets those animals walk all over him. It's little wonder that 9 out of 10 times that Rosie and Paddy escape to go scunging it's Bert who was supposed to be looking after them.

So this is what I fear - Rosie turns into a great massive tub and Pearlie is admitted to hospital again only this time she's suffering from malnutrition. And it will be me who takes the rap.


Mudflapgypsy said...

Sounds like limited rations all round and supervised eating?

Or buy a treadmill for Rosie.

Nelly said...

A treadmil that would be wide enough for both Rosie and myself perhaps?

A Twin Tub Treadmill?