Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Blogmeet Continued

I have to say that day trips to Belfast can be quite exhausting for an old countrywoman like myself. The crowds, the emo kids, the beggars, the scummers, the flat-earthers and the bloggers can be quite a heady mix.

It was Marc who said something like,

God! Belfast is simply hootching with scummers!

And there was me thinking that it was a classy sort of crowd compared to the types we see hanging around Cully's street corners.

But apparently Norn Iron is completely nasty when held up against the fair city of Cambridge. There is no punting on the Lagan, we all talk funny, there are too many spides and not enough dons and there are horrid hills everywhere. And to top the lot the ticket machines in Castle Court won't take Bank of England banknotes! Blatant racism.

But as Ed said it was a good day and even Mr Bolan was impressed with his complimentary Cadbury's Creme Egg.

Miss California attempted to humiliate Beowulf as is traditional but he bore it with dignity and patience. Not one trace of a trace of a salty tear. It was good to meet Cyberscribe at last. There were others too...good lads all. They may be turning up on the blogroll some day very soon.

Now here's a thing - Ed maintains that there has never been a famous personage, hero or celebrity come out of Randalstown! Does anyone know any different?


Mr Bolan said...

I think you will find I never resorted to using the venacular, and the term 'hooching' never passed my lips.

As ever, Ms. Moser, a pleasure to be in your company.

Nelly said...

I did write 'something like'. I knew that it would rile you.

Pleasure for us too.

beowulf said...

More often than once a year would be good.

And since we talked about them endlessly, an appearance from Ganching, Freshblade and SWM wouldn't go amiss either.

Nelly said...

That would be throwing the cat among the pigeons.

I've just been speaking to Ganching and she's curently very involved with kind acts towards the elders. Matty and she are off to the Sperrins today.

Bliss said...

Apparently a serial killer of some note was born in Randalstown, one Mr. John Bodkin Adams.

Cybez said...

I haven't recovered from that blog meet yet. I've an appointment with my psychiatrist on Wednesday which should help me in getting readjusted to this virtual world again ;-)

Back to the nearly real world, what about a bloggers BYO BBQ/Picnic sort of thing sometime in the next few months?

About Randalstown - There's Mud Wallace and Eoin Gribben's a famous Randalstown resident too.They've a hockey team too, or is that Ed's fan club? :-)

Nelly said...

I'm not too sure if Eoin Gribben enjoys fame outside the world of Gaelic. And to give Mud Wallace his due, he's brought plenty of famous people to Randalstown!

No. I think Bliss' contribution is the one for me. A serial killer. Possibly killed 160! But thankfully not in Randalstown.

As for Ed's fanclub - far more likely to be found playing hookey than hockey.

The picnic idea sounds...interesting.

Cybez said...

We could book that Cambridge folk band to play at it and because of where they come from I'm sure there'd be some peace and Reconciliation funding available and I'm try my utmost best to post really long sentences for comments from now on.

Freshblade said...

Did you'se mention me? *aw* Sorry that I missed the Blogmeet, but I was:
(a) writing
(b) monstrously downhearted about (a)
(c) unfit for public display
(d) all of the above

I did think about you all and was most disappointed not to be there. I think Cybez has made a good suggestion.

Nelly said...

Indeed you were mentioned. And missed. As was Ganching. And speaking of missed - Ganching narrowly missed bumping into Mr Bolan today in the 'Mena. I'd only just left her when I spotted him in Bargain Books. He was buying himself a copy of Chantelle Houghton's autobiography 'Oh My God' at the time. He didn't see Ganching racing away, shrieking and with her apron thrown over her head.

And I just know Mr Bolan will claim not to even know who Chantelle is. But who do you believe? Me? Or him?

Padraigan said...

1.What does 'hooching' and 'scummers' mean ? I think it means Belfast is full of scummy people??? I hope not because I've never been there and I am going to be there but I don't know just when.

2. My mom's Aunt and namesake was born in Randlestown & probably more of the siblings also. Possibly my grandfather as well but have not been able to obtain his birth record.y Didn't know the connection with John Wayne until now.

Nelly, your photos are great. I looked at every one of them. Who is the poor fellow or lady who lost the end of his/her toe? And how did it happen. I noticed the slideshow stopped at one of the 'toe' photos just as I was getting the 'willies' . Shudder......

Patricia B.C. Canada

Nelly said...

Hi Padraigan,

Here goes -

Hootching or hooching means either 'smelly' or 'infested'.

'Scummers' does mean scummy people but Belfast would have no more than would be typical of any city. My fiend who made the remark lives in a genteel university town in the south of England and feels rather scared and frightened of people who aren't educated or rich.

(Yay! Marc! Only slaggin'!)

I don't know if John Wayne was actually connected to Randalstown but if he had any Irish ancestors there is a good chance that some of them might have hailed from Randalstown!

And my friend who lost the tip of her toe. A horse trod on it. The horse had new shoes on and she had none.

Thanks for looking at my Flickr photos.