Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ganching (on Flickr) is no more. Long live Ganching1

pelicans in newcastle, originally uploaded by ganching1.

Sadly that terrible eedgit Ganching deleted her Flickr account. We shouldn't mock for any of us could accidentally find ourselves deleting our bought and paid for pro account, losing all our contacts, denying our many fans our strange pictures of bits of scaffolding, delpht and coffee cake.

But she's devastated now that she has no comments or faves any more, no pictures most popular or most viewed. So to cheer her up why don't you head over to her Flickr account and say something nice about her photies.


Andy said...

Has she tried asking for it back?

ganching said...

I can't get it back because I deleted it due to a terrible muddle with fecking Yahoo!. Very unhelpful instructions and in the end I just thought it was easier to start again.