Sunday, April 22, 2007

The New Camera

I bought the Canon PowerShot A710 and so far I'm pleased with it. Zoe informs me that it comes highly recommended for the older user as it's design makes it easy for arthritic fingers to manage and it comes with an anti-shake function that evens out our palsy and tremors.

It's capacity to make mini-movies is far superior to my previous camera and I've already got some interesting footage of Clint and Lizzie discussing, in Ulster Scots and off-camera, the best way to rear goslings while the camera follows the fluffy goose babies.

Of course I'd like to share these. But how? They're a bit too long for YouTube. Any recommendations for editing tools?


Mudflapgypsy said...

Yay for the new camera Nelly.

As for editing tools for video.....I dunno.

Nelly said...

I found something on my computer - a windows standard, It's a bit complicated to use and shortened my clip but turned it a very funny colour. the sound was still good.

Dave said...

try you can upload movies over 100MB which you can't do on youtube. Or you could look for some video editing software installed on your laptop, or ask google, normally has some good suggestions. Of course you have to know what to ask??!!??
Good luck

Nelly said...

I tried Blip and I like it. Thanks D.