Saturday, April 28, 2007

Things To Do On A Saturday

1. Go do planty things in the greenhouse.
2. Have major tussle with vile pampas grass. Lose.
3. Go see Jolly Joe about car getting MOTd.

4. Take Matty to Homebase and buy loads more seeds.
5. Take Matty to new charity shop in Antrim Town. Buy a book.
6. Take Matty and Rosie to Lough Shore and buy strawberry ice creams.

7. Take camera out to fields and sneak up on rare and exotic wildlife and take lots of photographs of same.
8. Do some work for seriously overdue college assignment.
9. Give Hannah a lift into town.
10. Eat chocolate. Mess around on computer.
11. Forget to call Joe to hear if car got through MOT.


Anonymous said...

hello mary. exciting times ahead! we had pampas grass in our garden (at home in irland). moms liked it but dad hated it. It was the centre of manys an argument. when mom was at work Dad burnt it down. seemed to work pretty well! maybe we could have a bonfire!?

x x

hope studying going well.

Nelly said...

Too late! Young Loveheart burned it on Sunday - then he jumped through the blaze several times.