Sunday, May 13, 2007

Excuses, Excuses

Blogging will be lighter than usual over the next four weeks because I will be working in my garden... and studying for an exam.

There is also a party to be organised next weekend for Bert will soon be 48 and Hannah is going to Thailand... and I have an exam in June.

Then there is our visit to Norfolk. Zoe, Katy and I will be visiting the English Bowyers, Mick and Katy and their partners Linda and Mark.... it will be a welcome break from studying for my exam. Which is the second week in June.

Oh! And I mustn't forget about teaching practice. I've that to get out of the way....before my exam. In June.

Then Bert is going to Northern Spain for a week and I will have sole responsibility for dogs, cat, hens and Pearlie. That's a week before my exam.

So I'm going to be busy. Revising for an exam.


Mr Bolan said...

Norwichshire, eh?

Well, if you venture out of blonde-clone-groupthink chick land, and onwards to Cambridge-Town, please do be giving me a bell.

Nelly said...

Is it far?

Mr Bolan said...

That depends on which part of Norwichshire you are in. Norwich itself is 60-odd miles, but the border itself is only down the road. Hunstanton and the wash is about 80.

Anonymous said...

oh dear nelly,

make sure you get away too once the exams are done. hope we're still cool for friday (lunchtime-ish)???

see you soon, let me know if there's any particular treats that could ease your exam tedium....

Nelly said...

Mr B - we're going to be about 15km from Hunstanton so pretty far then.

Hey-Anonny-Nonny - cool for Friday. Looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

excellent, can't wait! maybe give you a wee call with times etc, or better yet, maybe mel will...

see you all soon,

mikey x