Saturday, May 05, 2007


Bert: Is ‘uj’ a word?

Nelly: No. Say Swisser what do you think about Paris Hilton going to jail?

Swisser: I think it’s just terrible that they’re sending her to jail. Now what am I going to do with these two Vs? Is Scrabble supposed to have two Vs?

Hannah: Ours does.

Nelly: Well she did keep on driving even after she was banned for being under the influence. How long are you going to be?

Hannah: Here Swisser let me see…you could get ‘motive’ in there. That would get rid of one of your Vs.

Swisser: Excellent. Thanks Hannah. So Paris Hilton thought she could do what she liked? Maybe she does deserve jail.

Bert: Huh! Hannah just wants you to open up the board so she can get at that triple letter word.

Nelly: So? She’ll hardly beat you now not with that lead. Anyway I can’t see Paris Hilton doing jail time. She’ll get off somehow. It’ll give her a scare though.

Swisser: Why are rich and powerful people so corrupt?

Nelly: They’re not all like that. We just don’t hear so much about the ones who act decently.

Swisser: Well I was reading in the Times last week, maybe you seen it, about this group of rich and powerful German businessmen who organised so-called business trips with private jets, fancy hotels, cocaine and prostitutes. Then they’d buy £5000 trinkets to keep their wives happy.

Nelly: Hear that Bert? You buy me £5000 trinkets and you get to go with prostitutes.

Bert: Huh! What would you do with a £5000 trinket?

Swisser: More to the point Bert – what would you do with a prostitute?

Bert: Very droll. Nice one Swisser.

Hannah: Or you could use that extra V and make ‘votive’.

Swisser: Votive? That’s not a word.

Nelly: It sure is. But too late now. You’re not having it.

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Nelly, you've been tagged. See my entry, "Seven Random Things About Me."