Saturday, May 19, 2007

Study Update

All this time away from the blog and do you know how much revision I have done?

  1. Zilch
  2. Nada
  3. Naethin'
  4. Eff All
Just so you know. I have been putting the finishing touches to my coursework. And cleaning the house. And starting this Flickr group.


Mudflapgypsy said...

Get to work !

This coming from someone who has a phd in procrastination. Well, I would if could get it together to write it up.......

Nelly said...

I caaaan't (she whined) because we're having a barbecue this evening (and have you seen the weather) so I'll do it tomorrow.

Cybez said...

I eagerly await to see photographs of all the seven towers of Ballymena hey,but not until July or sometime round then :-)

Lord Garfunkel of Ballyesmond said...

Hello Nelly,

Don't put it off till tomorrow, some time next week will do fine eh?

Ronni said...

Great pictures! I need to get out and about with my camera.