Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Our Friends From Down Under

Much as I'm loath to generalise, I have to say that I've always found Australians to be very pass-remarkable. And although I'm sure it's got nothing at all to do with it, all the pass-remarkable Australians I've ever met, have been from an Ulster Protestant background. I could even narrow their ancestry to North Antrim.

Let me give you a couple of examples. First there were the cousins from Dubbo, fourth cousins, probably twice removed, who were doing the rounds of the Ulster rellies. She was a quiet enough girl but he was a complete gobshite who'd shag anything that moved and who commented (loudly) on finding a floater in the dunny. Honestly! I could have slapped him.

Then there was Ron's brother, who hadn't even been in Australia that long, but he certainly believed in saying what was on his mind. There we all were, having a few beers, relaxing, and as I placed my feet up on the coffee table, my trews rode up a little and Yerman says,

Strewth! Ya might have shaved yer legs!
In my own house! Honestly! I could have slapped him.

Instead I said,
Haven't you ever read The Beauty Myth?


JW said...

Amusing story!

With regard to The Beauty Myth:

sageweb said...

I so believe in the beauty myth.

I find Australians amusing, they seem so layed back and themselves.

Grannymar said...

I'm with you on the legs!

Well done on the Nomination! Are you coming to Cork?

Anonymous said...

should've slapped the pair of them, i totally agree...still to find one i can tolerate a conversation with.

Mikey x

Nelly said...

Winter - if you can't let your legs go furry in the cold weather, when can you?

Nelly's legs - a well-turned ankle, some fine blondish hair - what's not to like?

Irish Blog Awards - chuffed to be nominated. Cork? It's miles away. We'll see. I could be chatted into it.

Lauren in London said...

I'm Australian and I WOULD have slapped him.

Nelly said...

Lauren - that was obviously the problem. They were out without their womenfolk - who would have slapped them silly. Go Australian women!

Ronni said...

I want to stop shaving my legs. I do. There's a lot of social pressure here, though. Not sure if I'm up for it.

congratulations on the nomination!