Saturday, July 16, 2011


This evening, in a frenzy of dish cleaning, I picked up my mobile phone and immersed it in a sinkful of sudsy water. It was strange to see its bright little face blinking out at me through the Fairy Liquid soup - gave me such a start. So I did what any sensible person would do. Abandoned dish washing for I was obviously overdoing it. A child took my phone apart and set its component parts in a warm dry place (thanks Ben) while I cracked open a bottle of Italian red.

The phone may or may not survive. Who cares? Not me.


Andrea from Neath said...

Ah well! My first mobile phone fell out of my shirt pocket into a lav at the cinema! My second into a pint of cider at an international rugby match! My third did then last me years until this month. I now have a "smart" phone. It is ridiculously complicated and I have no resident teenager to help me understand it. Takes nice photos tho!

Nelly said...

I wouldn't trust myself with a smart phone although I do gaze enviously at the ones that younger friends have. I'm off to Tesco for a cheap replacement later on today.