Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Charlie Gets The Snip

We took Judy and Charlie to the vet's office this morning. Judy just needed to be micro-chipped but Charlie needed to be micro-chipped, vaccinated and rendered infertile. Shortly before we left Judy went out and got a little fresh cattle dung around her neck. I expect she wanted to smell good for the vet. We didn't notice the stink until we were half way there and it was too late to turn back. Still - if a vet cannot handle the smell of shit, then she is in the wrong job.

Vet's waiting rooms are different from other waiting rooms. At the doctor or the solicitor people sit there ignoring each other but at the vet's we're all chatting about our pets and going into the most graphic detail about their symptoms. Mind you Bert's Aunt Nessie used to do that at the doctor's waiting room - I remember this one time she described her chronic constipation problem in horrible detail to a roomful of strangers. I was mortified beyond belief and hoped they'd all think I was a paid carer rather than a relative.

When it was our turn we thought it would take about four people to hold the Judester down for she doesn’t like procedures but in the event it took just us and one very skilful vet to get that little chip into her. I am sure she doesn't even know she had a procedure. She strutted out all happy and cocky as if she had avoided a terrible ordeal.

And of course she got to go home while poor Charlie had to stay. Bert thought she was delighted to have been part of the team that had disposed of him. Dogs can be rather callous.

For some reason, and I know it's not a sensible reason, I feel bad about having male dogs neutered. I have no problem with bitches. I'm certain it is a relief for them not having to have seasons and puppies and all that bother. But males are a different matter. Somehow it seems that their horniness is part of what they are. Am I sexist for thinking this? But sanity has to prevail. Much as I like the idea of intact male dogs I do not like their marking and potential aggression and having them run the country after bitches on heat for days on end. Also, I do not want to be responsible for unwanted puppies being born. There are enough unwanted dogs in the country.

So - Charlie is neutered, micro-chipped and vaccinated. I guess we'll have to keep him now. He's lying on the sofa behind me as I type, still groggy from the anaesthetic and very glad to be back in his Forever Home.

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