Monday, July 07, 2014


So there was Nelly, wondering if she could get away with not cleaning the curtains before the wake, and there was Pearlie, off her meds and existing on a few sips of water a day. Then on Saturday night she asks for a cup of water. This is a woman who hasn't willingly touched water since the last day she worked in the moss, probably about a quarter of a century ago. It was a tradition among the Orrs to quaff large quantities of sweet spring water on the return from a day working with turf. T'was handy that they had their own spring. You'd be thinking about that first drink of water the whole way home from Craig's Moss.

So, she asks for a cup of water,

....and a cup of warm tea. And apple juice and Lucozade. Have you any orange squash? And if there's anything else you have about you.

Since then she has been drinking well. And do you know what? I think she might be on the mend.


Leitrim Sister said...

glad to hear she is on the mend

Brig said...

Glad for both your sakes she is rallying.

Grannymar said...

It would be a blessing if she slipped away in a cheerful mood. Thinking of you all in these days of change.

Nelly said...

As her strength returns so does her crankiness. Definitely days of change for every
day is different. Thank you all for your kind thoughts.

Mage said...

Oh, goodness. How unexpected. Add a little something to the water? :)

Nelly said...

Considering it Mage. ;)