Saturday, January 02, 2016

Good Intentions

New Year is often full of good intentions which, as the year progresses, fall by the wayside. I have good intentions. I've let my walking slip and I eat and drink too much. I'm actually drinking a glass of wine as I write this and I'm in the middle of making a trifle. The thing about eating and drinking too much is that I'm way too old for that sort of carry-on. It would be very sweet to see Martha, Evie and James reach voting age.

So, Jazzer and I set a date. The 11th of January. That is when we are going to up the exercise and lower the scoffing and imbibing. I've started already with the daily walks and have noticed already that my pace is improving. It can only get better.

In other news I decided to streamline the books. An hour I spent at that today and managed to put three in the recycling box. There are masses of books on my shelves that I have yet to read and as many again that I'd like to re-read. Perhaps that should be another good intention. Read more books. Another reason to live at least another eighteen years. Wish me luck!


Brig said...

Wishing you luck and long life. I have moved so much that I have winnowed down my stacks of books to mostly the ones the authors have signed.

Nelly said...

If I did that I would have no books at all. Happy New Year!