Friday, March 25, 2016

A Great Send-Off

Monday: There was a funeral. Bert was conducting some important business and the girls wanted him to play so, to distract them, I produced a little dead mouse (one the cat had prepared earlier) for them to bury. They fell to this project with gusto. a box was needed, their Mum dug the hole and flowers were laid on the grave. As Rod said,

They're giving that mouse a great send-off.

Tuesday: I went to visit my friend, back in the nursing home. She's not too well, getting weaker but as warm and loving as ever. It is always a pleasure to spend time with her, short though that time may be for she is not fit for long visits.

Wednesday: A much needed haircut then I expect I went for a walk and wasted much time on silly things.

Thursday: The girls were here and had a playdate with three other girls. There was a funeral. They wanted to check on the banties so press ganged Bert to check on the eggs. Bert discovered eight new eggs under the clockers, removed them, got soundly pecked for his trouble and then found that there were only six of the original seven marked eggs remaining. We checked the eggs in the house and found a marked egg, cold as sin and, no doubt, containing a wee dead chick. There was a reluctance to check but Bert took the plunge and there was a tiny embryo in there not even as big as a child's finger nail. Funeral!

It was decided that the merest scraping of the ground would suffice for the smear so Martha got the very big shovel and made a very small dent. The chick embryo was carefully placed, covered with slate to prevent dogs from licking it up and, once again, my spring garden was raided for floral tributes. Martha wrote and read an eulogy then, off the top of her head, preached a short sermon at the grave side. I had no idea she was so religious. Seems like only yesterday she informed me that the Baby Jesus was just a made up story.

The Eulogy

At The Grave Side

Thursday Night: Read to the girls two chapters of The Faraway Tree and one story from real life concerning Aunt Josephine And How Her Ankle Got Cured. This story involved pears and hospitals and is one my mother told me. As always Martha quizzed me relentlessly and gave me the opportunity to explain that True Stories From Real Life may not be entirely factual but always contain a kernel of truth. 

Friday: I had taken a daily walk for sixty days straight but yesterday that came to an end. Then I ate far too many sweet things and this morning I recorded my lowest ever weight for 2016. Strange that.  After midday Zoe, Martha, Evie and Granny went to Ikea where I spent much money on pink flannels, dish scrubbers, bedding and picture frames.

Friday Night: Back home where I drank carrot and apple wine and spent even more money on a new camera. You can expect better photographs.

Tomorrow: Going to Fanad and wish I had my new camera. But at least there will be walks.

And what of my Facebook friend with the heart attack? He looks perky and is still keeping all updated. Open heart surgery tomorrow which will set him back a day or two. Fingers crossed he makes a good recovery. Did I mention he is a magician?


Brig said...

Sounds as though the girls have a future in the funeral business!

Nelly said...

Lucrative line of business to be in. Martha certainly has the necessary solemnity.

ganching said...

I was very impressed with her eulogy. Seems pretty good for someone of her age.