Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Sourdough Day 1

A day that began full of worries and ended full of hope, that's a good day to begin a sourdough starter.

Tonight is usually Bert's music night but his clarinet is in for a service so Les came round here for a glass of wine and was very keen to hear if I'd begun my starter. I hadn't. His starter is five days old and he has baked his first batch of bread and the results pleased him. He stood over me until I began mine - so simple, one empty mustard jar, one spoonful of strong white flour, two spoonfuls of water, stir and set aside. I'm to make a note of feeding times, in the morning just before I see to the hens. Les will be checking.

Y'know, I actually love Les. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't be growing my own garlic and Bert would be nowhere near as good on the clarinet. And I wouldn't have those seven new hens. Friendship is magic. At least, that's what Martha and Evie tell me, being ardent fans of My Little Stinking Pony, which is what Bert calls their favourite Netflix show.


Mage said...

How many days will it have to grow before oiu can use it? Fascinating stuff.

Nelly said...

Les has had several attempts to make it work. All his disasters ended up over here to feed the hens. They loved it. His most recent starter was five days old before it was ready and he brought us over a loaf today. It was very good. Hopefully, mine will be ready to bake with by Sunday.

John Going Gently said...

This reads like a victoria wood monologue

Nelly said...

I'm taking that as a compliment John.