Sunday, July 14, 2019

Miss Gracie

Today was lovely and I spent a good deal of it working in the garden. This, despite a night of interrupted sleep. Miss Gracie, who has been staying with us while her real family holiday in the West of Ireland, did not eat one bite yesterday. Which was worrying. Then she needed up three times during the night. First, at around one am to boke. Then at three am to pee. Then just before five to... eat? She did seem hungry. So I cooked her some chicken and she deigned to eat a morsel or two.

I love Miss Gracie. She is the oldest dog in our immediate family but I'll be happy when her real people come back because I have a feeling she is taking a hand out of me. And I think she'll be glad too to see the wanderers return.


Unknown said...

Daft wee dog... 🐾

Deirdre Byrne said...

Poor Gracie I hope she is hungrier today. She is lucky to have such a dedicated minder.

Mage said...

You are wonderful.