Saturday, July 31, 2021

The One I Called Dolours


She got five extra weeks and enjoyed a lovely spell of weather. She was still eating and drinking but had lost all her mobility again. She was as tame as anything and so light to carry.

We found out today what ailed her. Dolours was only going to get worse and would die anyway. Bert did the needful thing and I took her to the woods. The bag felt weighty. It's a strange thing that creatures so light in life are heavy in death. I picked a lovely spot for her and came home. I still have her bed to clear away and all her dishes to clean. Tomorrow morning will be the first day in ages that I don't have to go out to her shed, wondering if she made it through the night and then have mixed feelings when I see that she did. 

No RIPs. Dolours will be food for the foxes tonight.


London Sister said...

Still sad for you Nelly 😥

Mage said...

So sorry.

Nelly said...

I know. It seems silly. But I really liked that hen.

Sally said...

I don’t know this story yet, but lord do I know that weighty bag. And that feeling when you go out every morning for 4 weeks straight wondering if this will be the say, the mix of relief when it’s not and the wonder that somehow they still hanging on. Hugs to a fellow hen lover, from across the pond.