Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Good Works

I return to work today after 10 days off. Lordy, Lordy, how will I cope?

Yesterday was spent entirely doing good works. I wasn’t quite as good as I could have been to Bert, but by that time he was pretty tired too.

In the morning I shifted pine boards and other items from the soon-to-be-renovated house. Afternoon was spent taking Jazzer to Toys’R’Us for more Santa presents, and then I called with Mum and took her to visit Dad. He was a bit grumpy. I put it down to him being tired. She put it down to him being cross because his solicitor had earlier served papers on him in relation to his affairs being taken over by the Office of Care and Protection. Somehow I doubt this, as he did not recall a visit from the solicitor. But she could be right. It might have upset him even if he did not remember why. Then I went home and made Bert his dinner. Sanctification must be on the cards.

Good news about Kerry. John F is even more besotted with her. Mrs John F is less keen thanks to the little parcels and puddles Kerry produces. John has got a little whistle he is using to call her with. He says it’s a shepherd’s whistle. When he blows it all the shepherds from miles around come running, crooks aloft. Kerry, meanwhile, completely ignores it in favour of licking her bum.

So off I must go to get ready for work. A whole two days of it face me then at least three off after that. I’m killed, am I not? Little wonder I have plenty of time for good works.


Anonymous said...

On the subject of work, i have been santa's little helper for almost a week and already i am tired of having to say the same things, especially when i'm explaining where to collect the photos (photoworld), and people keep thinking im saying football world. you'd think people would use their inititive and suss it out. apart from that all is good, glad to hear kerry has a good home xxx
santa's little helper

Anonymous said...

To Santa's Little Helper: Be glad that you will be out of a job come the 25th of December, and laugh at the idiots as they wander off to Football World to pick up the pictures of their little darlings and Santa. ZB