Saturday, November 27, 2004

Goodbye, Red Van

This post is for everyone who has ever been sailed about in the front or back of Ian's red Toyota Hiace. There is nothing like having a teetotal mate who loves driving, has a big van and a healthy disregard for policeman's rules. That van has been round some corners.

Well Ian met a man who made him an offer he couldn't refuse. He was offered a price that was not bad at all for a 1992 van. Ian's red Toyota Hiace is going to live in India. Hiaces are, according to the vanman, very popular there. God knows what he'll get for it but apparently he ships them out regularly and so must find it worth his while. No doubt it will still be on the road in 2014. Of course by that time it'll probably be held together by wire and sticky tape.


Anonymous said...

I Shed a tear on friday at 3.45pm as i watched the wee van being driven out of my dive.i started to remember how 9 years ago i bought her and drive home from portadown. i was all smiles, at home the phone rang it was the dealer.he told me how the other saleman had sold this van the day before and forgot to tell him,i had payed for the van and told him to get lost, this was the start of the love affair. in no time we were having week-ends and trips away in her. sleeping in the back , sometimes on my own, or with bert or liz and laura. "happy days" 260,000 miles and still going strong.i put 170,000 miles on her my-self, mostly in are some other places she took me to.
john o groats.lands-end.the tip of mule of kintyre,the isle of aran,south coast on england from one side to the other.all over england, scotland wales.dublin. longford.the top of the mountain outside cookstown.
never let me down once, always got us home. The back of the wee van had seen it all. one time she had 18 people in there "all drunk" also people making music,making love,or making a mess for me to clean up.So what will i DO now...............tell me........somebody....PLEASE

Nelly said...

Wasn't the van used as the stage for Paul & Marty at the first big Twelfth barbecue we had? And is there not video footage of the Wee Manny prancing about behind them in his short shorts with his endowment hanging out? Those were the days.

As to what you'll do - that's easy. You must buy another one (just like the other one.) You don't look right in a car. Too low.

Anonymous said...

THAT Is disappointing news - Ian gave me many lifts home in the trusty red Toyota van. I liked it because you were up high and could see everything. On the other hand I think it worked the opposite way and everyone outside could see you in the van. I vaguely remember being in Ian's van- Bert was there too - getting a lift home. I imagine we had been at Bert and Mary's for a while because the 3 of us were bent over (even Ian I think)laughing like a bunch of girls and I'm sure people who seen us must have thought it was a bit odd. ha! Maybe Ian should get a big van - like a Chrysler - something big and mean looking just like him.

Good luck in your new vehicle search Ian,