Monday, November 08, 2004


Bert thoroughly enjoyed his camping trip to the County Down. Man and dog returned Sunday evening tired and happy. His 1000 mile socks were a great success as were his new hiking boots. I thought 1000 mile socks meant he could wear them that long without washing them but Ian said no, he can walk 1000 miles in them without getting a blister. However on the 1001st mile his feet will be in juggins.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Rosie and I set off for a day at Swisser's. We all walked the clifftop walk from Portballintrae to the Giant's Causeway. It was wet and warm and far too misty for photographs. I too returned tired and happy.

I walk every day now and I think it is beginning to have an effect. I've stopped weighing myself but my clothes are fitting better. I'm back in my normal bra size and no longer have a monobosom. There are obviously two of them now instead of the mammary shelf I was sporting at 40EE. Now I'm 38E. Yippee! Still got a spotty chin though. I use tea tree oil on them which is quite effective. (Spots not breasts)

Good news on the Kerry dog front. John F is besotted with her. She was here today and in very fine form. And she'll be here tomorrow too.

Bert said I'm to have my walk at the old house tomorrow. The builders should be starting after Christmas and he has started to strip the pine tongue and groove from the bathroom and toilet (for recycling) He thinks it will be jolly useful if I carry it away from about him as it is starting to pile up. Should be better exercise than I get toodling around with Matty.


Anonymous said...

WOW Mary - i'm excited about your new abode. it is such a lovely house - and it may sound silly but i thought it had a good feeling. i suspect you will both be very happy there. it will be strange going to another house to visit (will probably drop in on the wee manny a few times by accident).
neat lavender oil is supposed to be good for spots too.

love mels.

Nelly said...

It will be a cracker house for a party. Just saying to Bert this morning there are loads more different trees at 95. Here we have mainly beech, sycamore and ash with one soliary scots pine. At 95 there are about 8 native varieties plus exotics like monkey puzzle (araucaria) and crinodendron. The removal of pine to the byre was a damn good workout. Going back tomorrow as Jazzer and I are going to Toys'R'Us this afternoon. Hope we don't get lost.