Friday, November 12, 2004


The other day Harry de Cat produced 6 inches of finest tapeworm. Not long afterwards Bert came retching into the den saying that Harry had jumped up beside him while he was on the phone and the next thing he knew there was a disgusting roundworm slithering about making faces at him. Something would have to be done.

So we banished Harry de Cat from the house, I parazoned all the surfaces and then visited the local Pet Shop. The Pet Shop Girl bounded out to meet me, as keen as several barrels of mustard.

“How can I help you?”
“It’s my cat. He’s got worms.”
“Tape or round?”
“Right. I have the very thing.”

She then proceeded to tell me more than I wanted to know about the process of infestation. Cats who hunt are very prone to getting worms from their prey and it seems that birds are the worst offenders.

“Lovely looking, but riddled with worms.”
“Riddled. Alive with every sort of worm going.”

You’d wonder how they get them fitted in.

A mine of information this PSG. All I wanted to know was the chances of me getting them. I know I could do with losing weight but I’d rather be fat than riddled with worms. But I was reassured that it would be very difficult for a human to become infested with cat-type worms. Wrong kind of worms, apparently. She didn’t say but I got the impression that I’d actually have to lick the cat’s anus. As if!

She goes on…

“How are you intending to get the tablets into your cat?”
“Well the last time I tried to give him tablets I put them in his food and he totally refused to eat it. This time I’m thinking of wrapping him in a towel and ramming the tablets down his throat.”

She nodded wisely.

“It’s the only way.”

The PSG had advised me to weigh the cat and give him the dosage appropriate to his weight. He was 12lbs. I requested Bert’s help to administer the dosage and he was filled with delight. He has a love-hate relationship with Harry (who used to piss on him) and relished the prospect of a bit of ethical cat-annoying. I wrapped and Bert rammed. Harry de Cat was outraged but soon recovered his equilibrium. Immediately afterwards he jumped on to a chair and sat there flicking his tail and grooming himself. “What could you do to really annoy that cat?” Bert asked. “Set his tail on fire,” I suggested.

He is to get another dose next Friday, then another the Friday after that. Shall I take photographs?


Anonymous said...

Bear in mind that any method to administer tablets to a cat will only work the once. After that, they catch on and are ready for you.

So pictures of the inevitable melee could be fun.

Anonymous said...

Has Bert not already set Harry's tail on fire? Or was that whiskers? I promise I won't tell the USPCA! ZB

Nelly said...

It was his whiskers. He was momentarily startled but not particularly annoyed.

anyresemblance said...

I've had some success with smearing the tablets with peanut butter - tip from vet assistant girl...

Nelly said...

I don't think Harry de Cat likes peanut butter but smearing them with something tasty does sound like a good idea. It would help the tabs slip down easier. I think I'll try smear, wrap and ram. And a third party to take the photos.

Jill said...

My stomach is slightly appauled by the image you have so delicately put in my head of worms. I can not thank you enough for your elaborate details. :)

Nelly said...

Why thank you. You are very welcome.