Saturday, October 28, 2006

All Change

The clocks go back at midnight tonight. I hate this. It will take weeks before I acclimatise and it means longer, darker nights and the onset of winter.

I wish they'd leave the clocks alone. Give me BST all the year round and I'll be happy. Who cares if it is dark in the morning. Is it not preferable to have a bit of extra light in the evening?


Anonymous said...

Definitely preferable to have more light in the evening. This means you can still go for a walk after a gruelling day at work. Plus it's pretty dark in the morning anyway and it is rather sould destroying when you go to work in the dark and come home in the dark. boo to winter.

One of the things I really miss having come winter is an open fire. hhhmm - might go make a fire in the garden.

Mel.x x

Nelly said...

Or you could become an arsonist - that way you can combine your evening walk with a nice open fire.

ed said...

So that'd be why the fellas in white jumpsuits were in the area, then? Nelly got SAD and decided to brighten up the evenings?

Nelly said...

I couldn't do that, it'd be so wrong - all those crackling and exploding noises would frighten the dogs.