Sunday, October 15, 2006

I Meet A Namesake & Ponder The Hidden Hazards Inherent In The Cosmic Ordering Service

It can be a bit nerve-wracking constantly going into new places of work. This is why I was a bit worried about going to the Over The Hill Home today. Anyway I gave myself a good hour to get there and as I was driving up and over the hill I thought to myself, I know! I'll do some cosmic ordering. So I ordered up that my colleagues would be pleasant and friendly, that I would be able to make myself useful and that I would not personally have to deal with shit. Because I just didn't feel like dealing with any shit today. And it all happened just as I'd requested! The colleagues were lovely and friendly, I felt like I was of some use to them and there was no number two action on my watch. Yet once again the Cosmos played me for a fool and had a damned good laugh at my expense. Because I had quite forgotten to order that my denture would stay intact and would not snap in half as I munched on an apple during the staff teabreak.

My namesake? The nicest, friendliest woman from Botswana.


hootchinhannah said...

I have a feeling Nelly that this is how cosmic ordering works. It will grant you what you wish for but will inevitably throw someting back at you to bite you on the arse. I wonder what poor Noel has had to put up with as a backlash to his cosmic ordering considering. Maybe if you read the book there is a way round it.

Anonymous said...

Cosmic ordering - think I might try that. This morning I would have wished I hadn't forgotten everything I learned at work over the last 2 weeks. I am in a confused state today and it shows no sign of wearing off. Drat!
Was super nice to see you all although it was a flying visit. Back from December 23-27 so see you all more then hopefully!

Much love, Mel.x x x

Anonymous said...

do please show caution nelly as i have a tale to tell...

after reading about all the endless posibilities of cosmic ordering, i thought 'well, if its good enough for nelly..'. so i started off minimally, suggesting that i'd like my job to be a bit more specific-it happened and i started a new job today. sweeeeet. but more more worryingly, i suggested to thy cosmos that i would like to spend some more time with my creative work partner, as she's been awfully busy of late with her own employer. big mistake. she got made redundant 2 days ago. and now, cos of you (and noel edmunds, and possible myself, or god) i feel like a bad bad person inside.

still, i got a new job. sweet.

hope the gangs well!

mikey x

Nelly said...

A cautionary tale indeed.

All the best to all of you.

hootchinhannah said...

Has no one cottened on yet that cosmic ordering is EVIL. Noel Edmonds is EVIL. I have yet to cosmically order anything and now I'm too scared to.