Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Is Cosmic Ordering Evil?

So far I have fallen in a puddle and (on another occasion) broken my tooth.

Worse still, Mikey's friend lost her job as a consequence of his ordering up more time in her company.

And Hannah has this to say,

Has no one cottened on yet that cosmic ordering is EVIL. Noel Edmonds is EVIL. I have yet to cosmically order anything and now I'm too scared to.


Anonymous said...

good point from hannah. i think cosmic ordering, like most other completely unfounded belief systems, is only evil/dangerous when you dwell on it too much and start believing it makes any real difference...a point in case : today i read my star sign and it was kinda relevant to whats going on with me right now. but so was every other star sign on the page-try it, always works.

mikey x

ed said...

Now would have been a perfect time for Manuel to appear and point out the truth: that there is no need to panic, that all Noel Edmonds should be killed, and that all these cosmic thingys are evil and not at all what the holy whatjamacallit church had in mind.

But Manuel is not about. So we'll have to live without having that truth being pointed out.

Nelly said...

All Noel Edmonds should be killed with or without the advice of Manuel.

Mikey your suggestion makes a depressing kind of sense.

Today, if I believed in that sort of thing, I'd order up energy, the answer to the wherabouts of my pedometer and roughly 200 grand. It's not much to ask, is it?