Monday, October 30, 2006

Nervous Nelly

I signed on with another agency because the nursing one has been remiss in organising some training I need. It's been cancelled twice already and I've been told that they cannot send me anywhere until I complete it.

So - with this other agency I'm signed up for admin work and today, for one day only, I'm going to work as a solicitor's receptionist. And I'm nervous, nay, I'm scared.

  • What if I can't work the internal phone network?
  • What if he has an ancient computer running something I'm not familiar with?
  • What if he's a git?

God being an agency worker sucks sometimes. Always the newbie!


Lorainne said...

I am sure you will be fine today - even if he is a git and you can't work the system it is only for one day. If he is a git try and be really really nice to him - this is my new method with horrible people - be super-sweet to them. Then they either get annoyed because they know you are taking the p*ss or they respond to it and you have a new friend!!!

Nelly said...

He was about as far from a git as it is possible to be - the day went fine, just not enough to do!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah - I'm glad your receptionist day was ok. agency work is like that - the new person every day. It is kinda interesting to work in lots of diffrent places in the same week though!

Spoke to Dawds alexander last night who says a lady was found dead in Cullybollox but he didn't konw anything else other than that. hope nothing bad happened.

Lots of loev to all,

x x

Nelly said...

That rumour is going about but nothing has been reported in the news that I've heard.