Thursday, October 19, 2006

No Heavy Jewellery

Today whilst walking past ‘The Spinning Mill’ (formerly known as ‘McSwiggan’s’ and originally McKendry’s Bar) I saw, and stopped to read, a handwritten notice that had been placed in the window. This notice stated that a dress code was to be imposed. From now on there would be -

  • No tracksuits after 6pm
  • No football shirts
  • No political insignia or tattoos on display
  • No heavy jewellery
  • No drunks

Proper order! But there was no mention of baseball caps. Nor weaselly faces.


CyberScribe said...

I thought it was better as McKendry’s Bar. I remember spending a few Sunday nights there all those years ago.

Then they changed to ‘McSwiggan’s’ and ruined it.

If they still sell drink there how on earth are they going to manage with 'No drunks'

Nelly said...

I liked it best as McKendry's too. It had real character. It's a hole now.

ed said...

If they still sell drink there how on earth are they going to manage with 'No drunks'

Hey, the law is quite strict on that. No drunks are allowed to be on licenced premises. Or the Queen's Highway, for that matter. Which would be a bit of an impediment on the Orangefest trip home, now that I think about it.

Nelly said...

I knew that actually. But it is a crazy/hazy law. Do you know how the law defines 'drunk' in those circumstances? Is it as cut & dried as the driving laws?

It is also a criminal offence to be drunk in charge of a child.

gravid said...

I spent a short evening in the hostelry then known as "McSwiggans" many years ago. A large fella fell over , he was terribly drunk and his friends propped him up on the floor with a pint in his hand. A few minutes later a fight ensued and we had to turn our chairs round to enjoy the show. The fella on the floor appeared to be dancing with his pint until we realised he was trying to make sure it didn't get spilled. Bouncers appeared and took the miscreants away, hopefully to be "emptied" round the back.
I haven't been back since.