Sunday, October 01, 2006


A conversation overheard at The Faraway Home For The Disorientated

Cookie: (shouting) Would you like a nice wee cup of tea?

Elderly Lady: What?

Cookie: (still shouting) A nice wee cup of tea? And a wee buttered scone?

Elderly Lady: D’ye know, you remind me of that girl used to work for the railways?

Cookie: Do I?

Elderly Lady: Aye. Worked for the railways. Big stout girl like you.

Cookie: Thanks very much!

Elderly Lady: Aye. Big and stout. Used to collect the tickets on Platform 1. She’d come in here by times too. Used to pass round cups of tea and maybe a wee scone.


Bliss said...

I would probably be murdered if I ever referred to a girl as "big and stout." :)

Nelly said...

It's something you can look forward to when you're old and demented. About the only thing I should think.