Sunday, February 06, 2011

New Blue Car

There was great excitement at Nellybert's today when Miss Martha took delivery of a new blue car. Well - new to her anyway. The vehicle had one previous owner, a Master Rainey, and apart from a bit of dog chew damage at the back bumper it was a great wee runaround. Now Miss Martha can be just like Granny and drive around in a bright blue, rather dirty car.

But there was one problem. The congestion in Nellybert's yard was damnable. She could hardly move the wee motor an inch!


Grannymar said...

You might need to employ a traffic warden!

Nelly said...

Yes. Pig-handling experience preferred.

Brig said...

Granny should fit a harness for the dogs, and pigs to pull her around. We had a home made dog cart as kids it was great fun.