Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Agony and the Itchiness

Pearlie is unhappy with newly prescribed analgesic patches. Said they were itchy. I said, "Do you prefer agony or itchiness?" She said "Agony."

She can be very particular about the amount of sugar she has in her tea. it has to be measured practically grain by grain. She watches me like a hawk as I trickle it in.

It's only a week or so that all her milk puddings had to be "Thin, thin, thin" but when Bert was away recently (he is the chief maker of milk puddings) she changed that to "Thick, thick, thick." I proudly presented her with a thin custard and she protested bitterly, "Too thin! How's that going to fill me?" "Oh - knock it into you," I said. "It's made with full cream milk. It will do you good." I went in half an hour later and she hadn't lipped it. Said it was too sweet. From then on her puddings were thick enough to stand a spoon in and she got to sweeten them herself. 

Fires are another problem area. She likes a wee blaze going all the year round. In winter it is easy enough. We just keep a good, roaring fire on all the time. In summer it is more difficult. If the fire is too intense she gets uncomfortable and she does hate open doors and windows. We have to try to maintain a   small fire which is difficult. To keep it going we'd need to be placing a small amount of fuel, preferably turf or a 'wee grain' of coal every 30 minutes. It's not uncommon for the fire to go out and then it has to be relit. 

I made a joke today when I brought her new analgesic patches. She has had a serious flare up of arthritis recently and has been in a lot of  pain, specially when she needs to be moved. My joke was pretty lame. I told her she'd need to be sure not to be taking any strong drink with her new medication and she smiled at the very idea. She doesn't smile very often - she's not a smiley person. I treasure those smiles.

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