Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tenth Anniversary

This blog, Nelly's Garden, is ten years old today and that is pretty old for a blog. For many bloggers tire long before they get to the ten year mark.

A lot has changed for me this past decade. I joined the Orphan Club and, finally, so did Bert. Ten years ago I'd never been with anyone as they died. Now I have attended four deathbeds. Ten years ago I was looking forward to becoming a Granny. I now have two wonderful granddaughters. And, it mustn't be forgotten, Nellybert tied the knot six years ago.


My late father and I

Matty and Nelly

Pearlie and Bert


Top Miss Martha, Below Miss Evie



Nellybert's Leap Year Wedding 2008

Katy and Mark's Norfolk Wedding 2010


Brig said...

Congrats and I pray you go on for many more. We are not related, but you give me roots in your posts. Thank You.

Clairenewcastle said...

Congratulations - here's to the next ten years. I enjoy reading your blog immensely, it brings back many memories of my childhood in east Antrim.

Mage said...

Love your wild and wonderful red hair, but I was a bit confused when 6 days later you had short white hair. Then again, I can follow the rest of it all easily.

I've been journaling almost everyday since 1974. I don't have many adventures any more. Perhaps we all think we are running out of steam.

Nelly said...

Thank you fellow bloggers & readers. It's become part of the fabric of my life, this blog. Here's to the next ten - if God spares us.

Tony Adams said...

Brava! More!!

Leitrim Sister said...

keep her lit Nelly

ganching said...

Here's to the next ten years.