Monday, August 11, 2014

Death Blog

Death Blog

Wasn't this blog once a light-hearted affair? Did I not write of all the amusing things that happened in my life? Do amusing things not happen any more or, if they do, do I barely notice them as I sit here reminiscing about funerals and pondering death?

I dreamed about Pearlie again last night. She stirred from her death bed and I fled her hospital room. Not like real life then for she died at home. I left her scattered with sweets and chocolate. Not like real life for it was me, not Pearlie, who had the extreme sweet tooth.

It's early morning when I wake. Almost the first thought to enter my head. She is gone. Again the familiar feeling of loss, of absence.

I won't pretend. I looked forward to her not being here. Looked ahead to a time when our chief responsibilities would be to each other, no old wifey sucking at our time and our energies with her endless small wants and constant disappointments. And now it is here and it is not what I thought. I never expected to feel the loss so keenly. Three years a full-time carer and now, what now?

A Lighter Look At The Situation

Last Thursday Miss Martha requested we visit her grave. I'd mentioned before that I'd take her some day. As we parked outside Martha began to advise Evie with all the solemnity that a nearly-five can offer.

Now Evie, this is not for fun. We are not going in here to play. We have to be serious for we are going in to visit Pearlie in her grave, not to play!

Evie looked suitably sad and said,

But I want to visit her in her room!

Evie feeling the loss too.

Previously Martha had been asking lots of questions about the burial process and I was answering as best I could as one question led in to another. I think one thing that struck her was that people get buried in perfectly good garments. She might have thought that a shame and a waste for Martha likes clothes. What happened to the clothes led to what happened to bodies and as we entered the gates she asked,

Will she still have her hair?

We visited the grave and some others as well for Martha likes graveyards. Many questions were asked and answered and then, and I'm not sorry to report it, their solemnity lifted and they did play.


Anonymous said...

Miss M is interested in graveyards and she spotted a nice old overgrown one in Brockley yesterday. Of course she is really a chip of the old blocks for I caught myself telling her it looked "romantic"! London Sister

Nelly said...

She'll have been drinking that in. Luckily, because of our recent run of elderly dogs, she has been acclimatised to the fact of death being part of life.

Grannymar said...

I love the way Martha's mind works. She, in her own way will help you to cope with Pearlie's passing.

Brig said...

I love your honesty, and Miss Martha is a treasure beyond words.

Nelly said...

I think you are all spot on about Miss M. Both those girls are keeping both of us in the right frame of mind.

Mage said...

Yes, lovely moments. A pause that was light in the end. Thanks. Being a caretaker is one of the hardest jobs of all. It's more emotional in the end than one expects. I remember.