Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hen Funeral

Sometimes the best pictures happen when you haven't got a camera. I was walking back from the polytunnel today with a handful of salad and a couple of peaches when I saw a curious procession. Bert led the way carrying a big spade. Behind him walked a very solemn Evie. Then came Ben, carrying a box containing a dead chicken whose head and neck (recently wrung) hung over the edge of the box. Lastly came Martha carrying a small pink spade and a bunch of flowers.

They were having a funeral for the hen while I prepared lunch.

Afterwards Martha took me to see the grave. Evie was reluctant to go as she thought it was 'too sad.' This time I brought a camera.

And if things continue in this vein I may have to change the name Nelly's Garden to The Blog of Death.


Grannymar said...

Those girls could make a fortune in the funeral business! Did they sing any hymns?

Mage said...

No...please don't

Nelly said...

No hymns. Just flowers and brief solemnity.

Brig said...

The girls are just so stink'n cute. I had a hen funeral for one of my favorite hens. Wish I could have been there to see the one the girls did! Hugs

Nelly said...

Martha will have funerals for fallen sparrows or any cute, dead creature.