Sunday, August 03, 2014

Living In The Past

On Friday, Pearlie's Favourite Niece and myself went through her personal bits and pieces, the last bit of sorting out that ever we'll do.

It was a well-known fact that my mother-in-law was never far from a biro pen which item she always called a pencil. Her pen was grasped in her hand even as she lay dying and Bert made sure there was a pen and a puzzle book in her coffin (casket) so that she could while away the time as she awaited St Peter opening the Pearly Gates. When she wasn't completing puzzles she filled note books and it was my hope that these would be full of her memoirs.

Mostly they were not. Instead she used them to write lists, make anagrams and research the history of the British Royal Family. She was also obsessed with the life of Winston Churchill and David Livingstone.

And, much to my surprise, she took a great interest in the life and times of the Spice Girls, Katie Price and Ant and Dec.

There was a list of wine making recipes that she had carefully copied from God knows where. But the real treasure was the bits and pieces from her own family's genealogy. I saved all these writings and used them to fill in the gaps in Bert's family tree. Pearlie and I had more in common than you'd think.

  • Lists
  • Anagrams
  • Puzzles
  • Family Trees
  • Wine Making Recipes
  • Collecting Photographs

If only she'd been as interested in horticulture as Bert and I we'd have been like twins.

The little bit she did write that was personal was a delight. There were intriguing snippets of family scandal. More puzzles for me to work out and she'd make a comment on a family wedding, noting that it had poured with rain that day and then adding, 'Serve them right for not inviting us. Ha ha!' I wish she'd written more. I'm certain that had she ever got her head around the internet she'd have been a blogger too.


Brig said...

Trying to get as many of my dad's stories down on paper or recorded as possible. Thank goodness he is willing to share, as he is 90. Mother doesn't want to tell anything, and is off in lala land most of the time. So I know very little about her family.

Nelly said...

Good idea, nay wonderful idea, Brighid. My Mum was very open but now she is gone I realise there was still so much I wanted to ask her about.

Grannymar said...

I am glad you found so many items that opened a window to the inner Pearlie. May they bring comfort to you and Bert.

Mage said...

Wonderful to find those snippits. Maybe you can use the wine recipes too. Hugs,