Friday, April 07, 2017

Relatively Speaking

Last year, when my cousin Peggy was visiting from New Zealand she mentioned that she was putting together a family tree for the benefit of her grandchildren. I offered to share some of the information that I had gathered over the years, then promptly forgot about it. As I do. So today I get a message from Peggy reminding me and immediately sent her all the details I had on our maternal grandfather's siblings. And that reminded me that I'd never got around to recording that particular branch of the family tree onto my very complicated Family Echo app. So I made a start on it, and discovered about a zillion more relatives, loads of whom don't even look like McAnespies!

So there you go. A lorry load of cousins that I have absolutely no use for. They didn't give me one tiny percentage of the pleasure that I had when Miss Martha found the wee white hillbilly hen had laid me an egg.  At long last! It was immediately packed up with five others to be delivered to Martha's house.

Proper McAnespies, dapper and a wee bit nebby.


Mage said...

What is "nebby" please.

Nelly said...

Sharp-featured, Mage.