Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Day Out In Belfast

I wonder if you might guess from which Belfast station I alighted from this morning?

When I had done with all that I walked to a cinema in the Dublin Road to watch No Stone Unturned. It was an afternoon showing so the audience was small. All, apart from one young man, were middle-aged or older and afterward, it was noticeable just how affected everyone was as they left.

There was an hour to spare after that and I just walked. Walked and walked and walked. That may even have been the best part of the day.


Mage said...

And then you shared it with us. Thank you.

ganching said...

Botanic. It must be at least ten years since I had a day out in Belfast.

Nelly said...

You are welcome. Next time you're over here Gan, we'll make an outing of it.