Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Roy Update

Roy had his return visit to the vet's surgery today. The growth on his anus has not altered despite him having been on antibiotics for nearly a week. The young vet (loves border collies, addresses Roy as 'Buddy', and Roy nuzzles into him like he's a long-lost pal) has consulted with the other vets in the practice and they seem to think that surgical removal would cause more problems than it would solve. As testosterone is the likely culprit they think that neutering would be effective almost immediately. He is booked in for the snip in eight days time. If the tumour is malignant and neutering doesn't impede its growth we'll hold on until he's not comfortable any more and then do the needful thing. I'm hopeful though.

Meanwhile, another member of our canine family is having problems. Zoe's older dog has a spinal problem and is in doggy hospital. Fingers and paws crossed that she will recover. She is around the same age as Roy but we've known her since she was conceived. Her mother is Kerry Sister's oldest dog who is, so far, in excellent health.

Get well soon, Miss Gracie.


Mage said...

Hopeful news about Roy. and please keep us posted about Gracie. How are the humans?

Nelly said...

Gracie is still in doggy hospital and her recovery appears to be slow. Humans are all fine and getting over manflu. Weather very, very cold but I shll not complain as I am safe in a warm house while other people in England and Scotland are trapped in cars on the highway. We're just not used to low temperatures in this part of the world. Hope that you and yours are well and warm.