Monday, December 03, 2018

Today's Question

These past few days I've been racking and bottling wines. Much easier in the winter months when there are no fruit flies. Recent batches are an improvement on some that have gone before in that they're dry. And strong. I do dislike sweet wines. Today was bright and sunny and I loved the way the sun caught this blackberry and raspberry and made it glow. Obviously, going by the lovely red colour, a lot more rasp than black.

The bright day tempted me out to the tunnel where I chopped down the remains of the sunflowers (saving seed) and cleared one of the vegetable beds. The bed was covered in cardboard to keep down weeds and on top of that will go a barrow load of well-rotted manure.

I went to inspect the midden for a choice bit of well-rotted dung for the veggies and peach trees. It was easy to spot the good stuff as Zoe had got there before me. Following Zoe is mainly how I grow my fruit and vegetables. Returning indoors I noticed how gorgeous the sky was in its colours of carmine and dove grey. Bert was sitting smoking by his fire and in deep thought. He had been looking at the sky too and had a question for me.

What if the sun was to go down on the other side of the sky? D'ye think anyone would notice?

My answer?

I think the vast majority of people would notice. As long as humans have existed the sun has set in the west. We might not always be paying attention but we'd figure out something wasn't right.

Isn't he lucky to have me to answer his questions?


Mage said...

You are living an idyllic life. Thanks for sticking us in your pocket so we can tag along.

Nelly said...

My pleasure Mage but sometimes I leave out the seamier side of life. It's not all sunsets and cowshit!

molly said...

He is indeed lucky. But the gazillions of bloggers who don't even know about you, myself being one of them, until just a few moments ago, are less lucky. You have a grand way with words and should have a lot more readers! In case you're curious, you popped up while I was reading Ganching. God only knows what button I inadvertently pushed, but suddenly, there you were. Lucky me. I hope to read a lot more of your words in the New Year!