Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Oh To Be A Bumble Bee

I spoke to my GP this morning. She is a brisk lady and I like her yet if I meet her outside the doctor/patient sphere I generally pretend not to have seen her. Reasons to talk to GP?

Feeling tired most of the time.

Virus infection that has lasted more than three weeks.

Have no clue what my BP, cholesterol levels are or whether or not I'm pre-diabetic.

Recent reduction of sugar and alcohol. Yes, doctor, I was stress eating and drinking too much and when I stopped I felt great for about two days, then slumped into lethargy.

Panic attacks. Mild enough but horrible too. The last one was Saturday when Swisser was going on (and on) about all the health issues she has and that I might have too.

So the GP asked me to call to the surgery for bloods. I did and got a slightly dour nurse. She laid out four little collection tubes and I thought I was going to be injected four times. Seems like I' m thick as well as sick. She said,

Just a wee scratch.

I said,

God! You're good at that!

She was dour no more. And she was good at it.

Swisser says that sugar is good and doesn't make anyone fat. I said,

I prefer my opinion to yours.*

She's not even a nuclear physicist. Merely a professor working in the food science field,

Yet were I a tired and lethargic bumble bee, sugar would be just the thing to cure my ills.

When I came in from the garden yesterday this one was clinging to my sweater and hardly fit to move. A few drops of sugary water and its energies were restored. If only that would work for me.

*Chernobyl, Sky Atlantic. Very good.


Mage said...

I'm like you...tired all the time.

Nelly said...

My sympathies. It is not fun.