Monday, June 17, 2019

The Greedy Bees

It's almost fit to be seen. Just need the pictures up, the cat's footprints on the sills sandpapered and retouched and an oven glove that isn't red. We had our first family meal in the newly decorated kitchen this evening. Fish pie (Mary Berry recipe) with hard-boiled eggs, just like the Chamberlains do it. All agreed that fish pie must always and ever more contain hard-boiled eggs. Dessert was raspberry and apple crumble with custard. Evie helped Bert make the custard then dished up, a job she enjoyed very much.

Meanwhile, out in the garden, I noticed a big dark splodge on new flowers on my Cephalaria gigantea. Closer inspection showed the splodge to be three bumblebees feeding. Three hours later they were still there partying away drunk on pollen, or nectar or something delicious. I checked the flower out on the RHS site as this is my first year with it and it is an absolute bee and beneficial insect magnet. I am delighted. Also, it self-seeds readily. Prepare your plots, nearby friends and family for this is a plant I intend to share.

Six o'clock

Nine o'clock

It's nearly half past ten now and they are still there. But it's getting too dark for a decent photo so you will just have to take my word for it.


Deirdre Byrne said...

Kitchen looks great and look forward to those flowers x

London Sister said...

Looking great Nelly!

Nelly said...

Thank you sisters!

Mage said...

Isn't that kitchen a stunner. No, don't get rid of the red. Put a red geranium on the windowsill to lighten up the room.