Monday, August 19, 2019

Really Rather Very Good

First of all, I must check tonight's weather forecast - because I am back in possession of Rachael's moth trap. She and her family are on a Cretan adventure, and I am here in Cully with my book on moths and a promise of English grandchildren.

The weather forecast says breeziness and light showers forecast for Cully tonight. I'm doing it, it's been far too long!

The Field Guide to the Moths etc. is not the only brand new book I've recently bought.

 This one I bought on Olin's recommendation. It came today and, so far, I've learned that one's writing will be much improved if the following words are excised,

* very
* rather
* really
* quite
* in fact

So I thought I'd check my last seven blog posts for these words. These amounted to just over 2000 words. There were 8 instances of 'very', 3 'rathers', just one 'really' and not a single  'quite' or 'in fact'.

Quite pleasing in fact.


Mage said...

Your writing is just fine whether on the phone or very good on the computer. LOL

Nelly said...

Thanks, Mage. So is yours.