Thursday, November 04, 2004

Best Rainbow Ever

The NIE notified us a while ago that our electricity would be off for most of today so I decided that this would be an excellent day to take Matty out for a good, long run in the car. She has been feeling a bit low-spirited since she gave Kerry up.

The plan was that Kerry would come with us so that Mum could be certain that she was making the right decision. As I was about to leave Paddy was looking like he wanted to come too, so that was two dogs I had with me in the car. Rosie stayed home to keep Bert company.

Our first stop was Dad in Glenkeen, who deigned to eat the ice cream I brought him. He was watching This Morning with great enjoyment. We didn’t stay too long as we were mad to get on our way to Maghera. The approach to Maghera was via Cargin and Toome. As usual that road got Mum reminiscing. Today she was recounting all her cycle accidents and incidents. It was most entertaining. I managed to get through Toome without incident or accident and soon we were in Maghera at scones and coffee. Pretty good too, as I’d not had my breakfast coffee thanks to the non-electric situation.

Revived we drove on to Limavady. Mum has never stepped the streets of Limavady so that was something needing a remedy. The verdict was – a nice wee town, shiny, happy people and good charity shops. Mum bought a beige anorak* in a Salvation Army shop and was very delighted with it. I bought a John Irving, a Barbara Trapido and a turquoise linen shirt. And it is true what the Knowhere Guide says. Limavady is coming down with coffee shops, traybakes and wee buns.

Leaving Limavady for Coleraine we saw a wonderful rainbow. Matty said it was the most beautiful rainbow she’d ever seen. Which is some accolade as that is nearly 80 years worth of rainbows she’s talking about.

Coleraine was good too. We had a late lunch there and a peruse around the charity shops. I bought a tin tray for 50p. Very Cath Kidston. We promised ourselves to get ourselves back to Coleraine very soon.

Then home. I found that despite having driven over 100 miles, and walking through three towns that I’d only clocked up 885 steps for the day. After coffee and a chat with Mum I set off for home. After coffee and a chat with Bert I took the dogs on the river walk (in the dark!) and bumped the pedometer up to nearly 7000. Food for thought there. Walking with old ladies is only the gentlest of exercise. Cannot wait to get her into a wheelchair so I can get toned!

Tonight Rosie, Paddy and Kerry were attempting to get into the Guinness Book of Records by seeing how many mongrels can fit unto the passenger seat of an Astra. It will only be a matter of time before dogs are required by law to wear seatbelts. That will be damnable, as I will have to invest in a bigger car.

*She is nearly 80. She is allowed to have a beige anorak.

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